Path Spell


“If you’re feelin’ lost and fussin’ o’er the best path to take,

follow the first animal ye spot

(be it a hare, bird, cat, insect or mouse).

When it fades from view follow the next creature that crosses your path.

Then the next.  And the next.  And so on, ’til they lead

to where your destiny lies.

Look with faithful eyes and you’ll soon see

what answer doth await thee!”

Go Love-Nuts On Halloween!

Can’t choose between two lovers? Here’s a spell to help – but it must be cast on All Hallows:

Light a fire and take three walnuts.  Name one for yourself and one for each suitor.


Place the three nuts on the fire with yours in the middle of the other two.

If either nut cracks – or jumps away – that union is not meant to be.

The two nuts that blaze closest together will make the best marriage!