The Witch Test: Ten

They call this test Swimming the Witch or Trial by Water.

Ducking Stool

Thou shalt be bound up and thrown in the water while the townsfolk watch to see what happens.

If thou sink and drown – thou proves innocent.

If thou float it’s the sign of the witch – so thou shalt hang or burn!

The Witch Test: Nine

For the ninth test, they’ll prick thee with a bodkin or a knife!


If thou feel no pain when poked –

  or if thou fail to bleed –

           or if that spot is cold to the touch –    

               they’ll claim that’s proof of witchcraft!


The Witch Test: Seven


The seventh test they’ll try is PRICKING THE WITCH!

If thou has a birth mark, flea bite, spot, or scab – they’ll say it’s where the devil suckles.

It’s the sign of a pact made with Satan.

If they prick it, thou will feel no pain and neither shalt thou bleed!

Photo: T. H. Matteson